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Hutchinson Island is a barrier island in the middle of the Treasure Coast of Florida, stretching 23 Kilometers through the St. Lucie and Martin Counties Using the Atlantic Coast on the east and the Indian River in the west. Discover Hutchinson Island real estate!

With plenty of wildlife, natural beaches, and year-round beautiful climate, the island offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for everyone like fishing, fishing, sailing, swimming, freshwater or deep-sea fishing, boating, shelling, horseback riding, bird watching, diving, snorkeling, and surfing.

Hutchinson Island becomes among the most significant areas for turtles on the planet. There are 5 species of sea turtles that migrate to Hutchinson Island each year. The nest is researched whether you lease a waterfront condominium or hotel area be sure to wake up in the morning and search for the turtle tracks and on the beaches and tracked! Stop by our sea turtle site for more details: Hutchinson Island Sea Turtles


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With amenities available right on the island like grocery stores, gasoline stations, beachside restaurants, motels, and much more, one would not have to venture into the mainland. Only around the Indian River will be the quaint communities of Stuart, Jensen Beach, and Fort Pierce rich in history and culture, great community dining, shopping, and artist’s museums.

As it was once discovered, making it an excellent refuge for all wildlife, Though the island has everything you require, much of the island is rendered natural. It is not sculpted by rows of hedges like a number of the islands just north of us but still totally free and wild of man’s hands. It has an abundance of public beach outlets. And you do not need to pay to park in any of them!!! The beaches are not overcrowded and many times have the beach to yourself. The people are considerate, friendly, and very laid back. You can frequently see people strolling the beach with a glass of wine.


whether you plan to buy or sell single family homes in Jensen Beach, St Lucie county or anywhere along the Treasure Coast check out these real estate listings within Hutchinson Island real estate!

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From presidents to pirates, Stuart, FL has been home to both the famous and infamous residents. Historically called the”Treasure Coast,” Spanish galleons once sailed along its tranquil beaches, now frequented by resident golfers considering the magnificent views of the Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course.

Hutchinson Island and the Stuart area’s narrative is one–tranquil Native American tribes farmers, and pirates–all attracted to the region for coastal living that was exotic, abundant fishing, and its beauty.

The seas along the coast of southeast Florida served to return from Mexico filled with treasure. Even though the rugged coastal waters were less harmful than the sea, danger lurked from the reefs along the Indian River, St. Lucie, and Martin counties also referred to as the Treasure Coast. After a Spanish treasure fleet sank here in 1715 the area got its nickname. Introduced explorers into the earliest known inhabitants of Hutchinson Island.



From the 1700s, warfare, disease, and slavery had decimated the Ais tribe.  James Hutchinson, who moved into the small barrier island to escape raiding Seminoles, the Spanish governor of Florida issued a land grant in 1811. Unfortunately for Hutchinson, after marauding pirates pillaged his island escape, ruining his plants as well as his plantation.

Elsewhere in fishing, the region and plantations flourished, along with the River became a highway to lemons pineapples, fish, as well as other foodstuffs being shipped north.


Even with plantations the Hutchinson Island area remained so sparsely inhabited the national government built a set of homes to provide shelter for shipwrecked sailors and travelers. Back in March 1876,” Gilbert’s Bar House of Refuge was finished on Hutchinson Island and staffed by members of what eventually came to be the U.S. Coast Guard. The home later served as a WWII test channel. Today Gilbert’s Bar House of Refuge acts as a museum.


Grover and Frances Cleveland initially came in Stuart by private railroad car in 1900, following Cleveland’s second term since U.S. president. President Cleveland enjoyed fishing the waters of the St. Lucie River and made the place its standing as the”Fishing Ground of Labour.” The Clevelands loved the place so much that they bought waterfront land in which the City Hall now stands. Cleveland continued before his death in 1908 to Hutchinson Island oceans.

By 1915, the Region of Hutchinson Island known as the Blue Lagoon of the Coral Strand (currently Sailfish Point) was possessed by brothers Bill and Ben McCoy. When, after his commerce hauling tourists on the River slumped in 1920, he turned into a rumrunner, bill secured a place in history. Evading police during the Prohibition years, McCoy gained a reputation among his peers–a grudging appreciation among”revenuers”–as a man of the word. His seal onto a barrel of rum supposed it had been genuine and of superior quality. Some folks believe this to be the source of the expression”the Real McCoy.”

Who Lives Here?


Retirees are attracted to Port St. Lucie’s warm weather, low cost of living, availability of waterways, and prosperity of quality medical centers. Along with a very low crime rate and the regional schools draw in households.


Hutchinson Island demographics - selling port st lucie - port st lucie real estate



U.S. News analyzed 125 metro regions in the United States to obtain the best places to live depending on the quality of the job market in every metro area, as well as the value of living and people’s wish to live there.


Port St. Lucie, Florida is ranked:

marker #78 in Best Places to Live

marker #5 in Best Places to Retire

marker #5 in Fastest Growing Places

marker #9 in Best Places to Live in Florida

marker #18 in Safest Places to Live


The Hutchinson Island climate is subtropical, meaning locals can sport flip-flops almost annually. Residents must be watchful of their weather. Storms formed in the Atlantic Ocean mark a path toward the Treasure Coast. There are a small number of summer days with extremely high temperatures. Activities on these times are safest loved early in the day or after the sun sets.


Port St. Lucie has 20 public elementary, middle, and high schools. Port St. Lucie also has 30 private and charter schools.


A car is the best transportation option in Port St. Lucie. Neighborhoods are valuable, with schools, homes and shops clustered. Within walking distance of one another but areas aren’t. An exception is the community of Tradition, in which there are many residential areas within biking and walking distance to restaurants and leading retail shopping. It is common to visit golf cart parking at grocery shops. These miniature vehicles are popular in subdivisions, especially those built around golf courses.

For those without a car, there are bus lines offered in the region. The regularly scheduled Treasure Coast Connector operates several routes linking central Port St. Lucie with neighboring Fort Pierce along with Jensen Beach, home to the neighborhood’s shopping mall. Its Port St. Lucie Downtown Trolley brings passengers into the St. Lucie Medical Center.

Important Florida destinations are easily accessible using Interstate 95 and Florida’s Turnpike. For those traveling further afield, the nearest airport is Palm Beach International Airport, approximately 1 hour in Port St. Lucie. Extra flights can be found in Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and Orlando International Airport, each a less than a two-hour driveway from Port St. Lucie.

Things To Do

Located off the coast of Martin and St. Lucie counties, Hutchinson Island is a barrier island bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the West and the Indian River to the west.

Beach Bound On Horseback

There are only a few places in the Sunshine State where you are permitted to ride horseback on the beach. However, because of the absence of crowds and improvement, Hutchinson Island is the home to a particular outfitter: Tours on Horseback, leading Shiite, three-mile beach excursions that depart from the island’s Frederick Douglass Memorial Park every weekend (and weekdays by appointment). After trekking by the surf, you’ll explore some 40 miles of equestrian trails at the Fort Pierce-Port St. Lucie area.

Unbeatable Barbecue

A trailer outfitted with a toaster and a grill in front of an off-the-beaten route gas station? Do not allow the tucked-away location on St. Lucie Boulevard at Stuart fool you. Owned by two sisters originally hailing from Pennsylvania, Brothers’ Q BBQ is a food truck serving the real deal: severely slow-smoked barbeque that has been hailed as the best in South Florida. Think pulled pork served packed authentic brisket that melts on your mouth, on a bun and ribs so tender, and they drop off the bone at the very first sting. Just be sure to find a side order of their mac n cheese while you can’t go wrong with one of these options.


A Satellite of the Smithsonian

Located on the north end of Hutchinson Island in the South Causeway Bridge, The Smithsonian Marine Station Is, in Fact, a satellite center of that the Smithsonian Institute at Washington, D.C., attracting scientists from around the world to investigate the plants, animals, and physical processes in the sea and Indian River Lagoon. With a little aquarium facility available to the public, this jewel includes a dazzling show of wildlife and touch tanks. Actually, the living reef exhibit is actually set in a tank that was originally in the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History in our country’s capital.

Free Summer Films

Though the Lyric Theater is probably one of the most notable landmarks in downtown Stuart – originally constructed in 1926 as a silent movie house – the Mission Revival-style construction is home to some lesser-known highlight: free movies in the summertime. In years past they screened classics such as Casablanca, Chinatown, The typical Suspects, Gone with the Wind, and more.


A Unusual Reef

Those honeycomb-looking structures poking from this idyllic lagoon of all Bathtub Reef Beach about the southern end of the island are not constructed by bees, but worms – sabellariid worms. They construct their home – the large reef that is porous – by cementing together shell and sand fragments. The reef can be responsible for making a distinctive protected lagoon in low-tide, in which the water does not get too heavy (perfect for young people and snorkelers alike), go ahead and explore. The water is calm and as warm as your tub in the home – thus the title.

Job Market

Currently, top industries in Port St. Lucie comprise Healthcare services with employers including Martin Health System, St. Lucie Medical Center, and Port St. Lucie Hospital. Another large proportion of the Port St. Lucie population works in client service, employed at call centers headquartered in the region, such as Convey Health Solutions, Teleperformance, Maximus, and McKesson.

Other businesses include retail trade, lodging, and food service since the region is popular with tourists. A part of the inhabitants also commutes daily to nearby metro areas.

The construction industry and transactions are currently projecting to see the best job market expansion during the upcoming several years because of enticing construction incentives for new and expanding businesses, in addition to increased demand for a home.

Port St. Lucie Fun Facts


Fact 1
Port St. Lucie is also the home of the 2009 & 2011 National Champions in Pop Warner Football Pop Warner Little Scholars.

Fact 2
Actress Megan Fox and hip-hop artist Vanilla Ice are a number of the town’s prominent residents.

Fact 3
Fort Pierce is residence to Heathcote Botanical Gardens, which houses the nation’s largest selection of tropical bonsai trees at the James J. Smith Bonsai Gallery.

Fact 4
St. Lucie County has 21 miles of pristine, natural shores with almost half being nature keeps –a very infrequent aspect when compared with the remainder of Florida’s shore.

Fact 5
St. Lucie County has nearly 11,000 acres of parks and preserves.

Fact 6
Farming was the largest sector of the area across the 1800s.

Fact 7
The Indian River Lagoon flows through Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie, and along Hutchinson Island. The lagoon is the most biologically diverse estuary in the USA with over 4,000 species of creatures and plants.

Truth 8
Port St. Lucie includes a hot humid subtropical climate, falling just short being a tropical climate.

Truth 9
The town is home to New York Mets spring training, the St. Lucie Mets Florida State League team, and the Mets rookie-level team from the Gulf Coast League.

Fact 10
The region’s climate has an average temperature variety of 63 to 83 degrees outdoor activities.

Hutchinson Island Dreaming – A Reality

Timing is simple to spend on Hutchinson Island – together with all the beach, eco-systems and lands, fishing, watersports, golfing, and interesting historic spots and museums. There are loads of things to do to keep everybody happy.

Imagine a Florida beach where your family is the biggest audience you will see. Where is there’s water not only before you but also behind you. Where the sounds of the waves and delicate breezes are louder than the sounds of cars or beach parties. Where the horizon is dotted not by condos, but from historic landmarks. And where the driveway toward the beach is as beautiful as the beach.

Well, about 100 miles north of Miami, you don’t need to envision . You can actually encounter such a shore!

Hutchinson Island, roughly 100 miles north of Miami, is a 23-mile-long barrier shore extending from the very best of Martin County north to St. Lucie County. And, once you find this shore, you won’t wish to leave.

To begin with, your drive along causeways within the River Lagoon, where pelicans wait patiently on places for fishermen – to the beach – will probably be as scenic as the shore itself.

Within Hutchinson Island real estate there are about three dozen shores, them each distinct in its own manner. Some areas will likely be sand, while others will be rugged. Some will have little inlets; thick forests will fringe others. While others, because of 200-year-old wrecks submerged offshore, will be perfect for diving, some will be great for fishing.

You might start your day off at Bathtub Beach, considered that the best family beach by sailors because of its clean waters, soft sand, along with an offshore coral reef that offers spectacular snorkeling and diving.

After lazing in sunlight for some time, you might opt to see the beach from another angle – the back of a horse. Hutchinson Island is one of the few places in Florida that enables horses on the shore. It is possible to ride on the opposite between a ocean on one side and thick strands of sabal palms. And a business named Tours on Horseback can help you take action.

Horses will not be the only creatures you see . The endangered manatee – Florida’s beloved”sea cow” – is located at the Indian River Lagoon. Whales migrate each winter to give birth to their young. And Florida contains some 500 species of birds and wading birds.

Following your journey, you might choose to take in a number of the unexpected attractions of Hutchinson Island. As an instance, the magnificent Elliott Museum might have the world’s greatest collection of antique Ford trucks (and baseball cards), along with artifacts from the area’s early days.

For a glimpse into the history of the island, head to Gilbert’s Bar House of Refuge, that served a refuge for countless sailors throughout the times when this region earned the nickname of”The Treasure Coast.” Here is the earliest building in the Treasure Coast, and the sole fully-restored home of refuge (of 10) at Florida. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the House (circa 1876) is now a museum displaying historical maritime artifacts, personal items and furnishings belonging to the House’s”Keeper” and family, and pieces salvaged from old shipwrecks.

To get a look at Hutchinson Island through another prism, the Florida Oceanographic Society Coastal Science Center includes 40 acres of wooded nature trails, along with a interesting visitor center.

Bring your golf bag? You can use it in the Island Dunes Country Club, with a nine-hole course open to the general public in summer.

After a hectic day at the shore, you’ll have worked up quite an appetite. There are no greater than 14 eateries around the island where it can satisfy, Italian to Islander ranging from fish to steak.

The pleasure does not, when the sun goes down to Hutchinson Island.

In fact, if you’re here between March 1 and Nov. 15, nighttime brings a very unique encounter.

This is among the most important sea turtle nesting places on earth. Three species of sea turtle regularly come to nest and also here to lay their eggs – leatherback, and green. Martin County accounts for 11 percent of green turtle nesting in Florida, ranking third among all coastal towns. The county accounts for 35% of all leatherneck nesting from the nation. An average of 865 nests are set along the shores of the county. Along with also the St. Lucie County aspect of this island has similar figures.

Turtle walks are ran by the St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant, normally on Friday and Saturday nights in June and July (though it’s best to test ). Activities begin at 9 having a orientation (no speaking on the beach, no lights, etc.), and might continue until midnight if the turtle hasn’t finished laying her eggs.


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A day on Hutchinson Island is not simply a”day at the shore.” It is adventures , workouts which range from fishing interesting areas and museums, and a day filled with and habitats.

On Hutchinson Island, the only problem with”a day in the shore” is you may require a week. When this happens, and you absolutely fall in love with the Island, call a Real Estate agent who can find you a variety of properties and homes for sale ASAP.  Contact us if you need help with property management and/or selling your home.


Disclaimer: All information provided is deemed reliable, but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified.

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