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Explore Palm City homes for sale. Palm City is a gorgeous place located just to the west of Stuart, Florida. A great place to both buy and sell your home, Palm City boundaries the St. Lucie River, which offers many waterfront communities. Over 20 golf courses are situated here, but that isn’t the only attraction in and around Palm City.

Other attractions include hiking, horseback riding, biking, swimming, and fishing.


Whether you are looking to buy or sell your home, check out these properties currently on the real estate market in Palm City!

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The remote location, 10 miles out of the waterway of palm City, slowed its early expansion because the river was the only method of transportation. The Community eventually started to experience growth when, in 1910 Charles C. Chillingworth, a Palm Beach Lawyer and president of the recently formed Palm Beach Land Company, bought 12,000 acres from the City, divided it into 10-acre farms, and began advertising the benefits of the region to people across the USA, Canada, and parts of Europe. As a bonus, a free town bundle at Palm City was provided to each buyer. From New Year’s Day 1916, Palm City had”70 buildings, 46 on farms and 24 in the city of Palm City.”

1928 declared a disastrous season for Palm City when, on September 16th a hurricane with 130 mph winds swept through the area without breaking the Lake Okeechobee dike, causing $50 million in damages leaving 16,082 people homeless; 1,805 lifeless, along with flooding 1 million acres.

As have been several others, Subsequently the Town of Palm City was abolished by the Legislature During the Depression. In 1949 a second hurricane accompanied by 160-mile winds and a dozen inches of rainfall struck the Town. In 1950 the town was regaining and discussions have been held about funding Additional structure on the campaign and the Civic Center construction to secure a basic Faculty for Palm City. In 1951 the Martin Highway has been changing from an impassable right-of-way to become one of the most important stretches of Roadway in Martin County as county workers with a grader and bulldozer opened thousands of acres of Martin farm and ranch lands.

Subsequently, Palm City Began to grow as new subdivisions were constructed throughout the region to house troops, coming out of the war, who seemed to Martin County and Palm City specifically as a place within which to reside.

Who Lives Here?


In 2017, Palm City, FL had a population of 24.5k people using a median age of 51.6 and a median household income of $76,059. Between 2016 and 2017 the population of Palm City, FL grew from 23,668 into 24,537, a 3.67% growth, and its median family income grew from $72,250 to $76,059, a 5.27percent increase.

The population of Palm City, FL is currently 89.4% White, 6.39percent Hispanic or Latino, and 2.65% Asian Alone. N/A% of the folks in Palm City, FL talk a non-English vocabulary, and 98.2percent are U.S. citizens.



The Palm City climate is subtropical, meaning locals can sport flip-flops almost annually. Residents must be watchful of their weather. Storms formed in the Atlantic Ocean mark a path toward the Treasure Coast. There are a small number of summer days with extremely high temperatures. Activities on these times are safest loved early in the day or after the sun sets.


Palm City has 5 primary and secondary schools. One of the greatest schools is Hidden Oaks Middle School, which has a rating of 10. It has 1,080 children. The public colleges from Palm City are part of Martin. St. Lucie is near by and scores lower than Martin. Nearby Palm Beach scores lower, with a rating of 6. The population of Palm City is currently 28,231. Martin enrolls 5 percent of the population of Palm City.


Martin County is routinely among the highest rated school districts. It provides two charter schools, five middle schools, five high schools, five schools, 12 elementary schools, and the Mosaic Digital Academy, supplying K-12 Virtual School for the two part-time and instruction through an online interface. The district offers students hands-on ecological learning activities throughout the Environmental Studies Center. Students are served by the college district, and the student-teacher ratio is 17:1.

There are 11 schools in Martin County. One of these would be the Redeemer Lutheran School in Stuart, The Pine School (Episcopal) in Hobe Sound, also Hope Rural School in Indiantown.


A car is the best transportation option in Martin County and Plam City. Neighborhoods are walkable, with schools, homes, and shops clustered. Within walking distance of one another but areas aren’t. It is common to visit golf cart parking at grocery shops. These miniature vehicles are popular in subdivisions, especially those built around golf courses.

For those without a car, there are bus lines offered in the region. The regularly scheduled busses under MARTY, operate several routes linking central Port St. Lucie with neighboring Fort Pierce along with other locations in Martin County, home to the neighborhood’s shopping mall.

Important Florida destinations are easily accessible using Interstate 95 and Florida’s Turnpike. For those traveling further afield, the nearest airport is Palm Beach International Airport, approximately 1 hour in Jensen Beach / Martin County. Extra flights can be found in Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and Orlando International Airport, each a less than a two-hour driveway from Port St. Lucie.

Things To Do

Palm City Presents several breathtaking parks such as:

Leighton Park, located in the bottom of the Palm City Bridge on the St. Lucie River, offers a park, picnic tables, fishing pier, boat ramps, grills, plus a scenic walking path.

Jock Leighton Park includes a playground and a skate park, and pavilions.

Lance Corporal Justin Wilson Memorial Park, located at 2050 SW Mapp Road, includes four playgrounds, picnic tables, shelters, an observation tower, nature trail, and sidewalk access, restrooms, numerous sporting areas, tennis courts, racquetball courts, a basketball court and an area to play with a traditional game of horseshoes.

Job Market

Currently, top industries in Martin County comprise Healthcare services with employers including Martin Health System, St. Lucie Medical Center, and Port St. Lucie Hospital. Another large proportion of the Martin County population works in client services, retail, or employed at call centers headquartered in the region, such as Convey Health Solutions, Teleperformance, Maximus, and McKesson.

Other businesses include retail trade, lodging, and food service since the region is popular with tourists. A part of the inhabitants also commutes daily to nearby metro areas.

The construction industry and transactions are currently projecting to see the best job market expansion during the upcoming several years because of enticing construction incentives for new and expanding businesses, in addition to increased demand for a home.

Martin County / Jensen Beach Fun Facts


Dan Bakkedahl, who’s famous for films”That Is 40,””The Heat” and”Battle of the Sexes” and TV shows”Veep” and”Community,” graduated from Martin County High in 1988. He is also the brother of Tom Bakkedahl, chief assistant state attorney for the 9th Judicial Circuit.

Judge Reinhold, who starred in”Beverly Hills Cop” and”Beverly Hills Cop II,””Stripes,””Fast Times at Ridgemont High” and”Ruthless People,” graduated from the mid-1970s.

Chris Marquette, a 2002 graduate of Martin County High, is known for his roles in”Freddy vs. Jason,””The Girl Next Door,””Alpha Dog” and”Just Friends.”

Jimmy Gary Jr., of”Nurse Jackie” and”Orange is the New Black,” and is in Stuart.

Five presidents enjoyed fishing at Stuart, including Grover Cleveland, Chester A. Arthur, Theodore Roosevelt, Howard Taft and Warren G. Harding.

Stuart was actually found by cleveland and many historians state the president of the USA place Stuart on the map.

According to”A Treasure We Call Home” by Rick Crary, Cleveland was a casual tourist. Crary writes that someone decoupled that the ex-president’s railway car and left it stranded in Stuart. He was on his way Crary writes.

Cleveland loved fishing Stuart so much that he returned several occasions, also in 1905, he purchased waterfront land where City Hall stands today. It had been theorized Cleveland was intending to build a winter house but he never did.

Throughout his 69th birthday vacation, the New York Times noted that Cleveland, at the time the only surviving ex-president of that the nation, reeled in one of the greatest tarpons actually caught.

Palm City Real Estate Broker

This article is about Buying a Home in Palm City. Whether you’re a first time home buyer or you’ve been looking for a home for years, Palm City is the place to buy. With large numbers of home buyers, big names, and a wide variety of homes, Palm City real estate has a lot to offer first-time buyers and those looking to re-create the lifestyle they once had. Here are some reasons why Palm City is the right place to buy.

Buying a home in Palm City can be easy as long as you know where to look. Some places are hard to find, but Palm City real estate isn’t one of them. You can usually find a great home on just about any street in Palm City by simply taking your time and looking around.

With large numbers of home buyers, it is rare that you’ll find a Palm City home that is unappealing. Most homes for sale have something to offer that interested buyers can’t find anywhere else. Whether it’s large rooms, closets full of wonderful things, updated kitchens, two-car garages, swimming pools, whirlpools, designer kitchens, luxurious bedrooms, and whatnot, Palm City homes are incredibly popular with buyers.

Palm City homes for sale tend to be quite large. People tend to buy larger houses because they can afford them and because they’re considered to be more spacious. While homes of larger sizes are most popular in Palm City, buyers who are small to average sized can find good deals on homes in Palm City if they’re willing to spend some time looking.


Palm City Real Estate Agent


Buying a home in Palm City is fairly easy. Most Palm City real estate agents will have their own web site that allows you to fill out your information easily, view photos of their listings, and generally, give you an idea of what type of house you might be interested in. Palm City homes for sale are generally not listed on a real estate agent’ web site and a palm city real estate agent will often help you with the home search process. Usually, Palm City real estate agents can also provide you with a list of some of the best neighborhoods to look in Palm City and help you find a great home.

When buying a home in Palm City, there are many different types of properties for sale. Palm City real estate agents will help you decide which property type will best suit your needs. Palm City real estate agents often have a personal property listing on their web site that shows pictures of properties in various locations.

Many different property types are available in Palm City. The neighborhood features are varied and the things to consider when looking for a home in Palm City include:

Just because Palm City real estate agents can help you find a home doesn’t mean that you have to put your trust in that agent. You may have several real estate agents working on your behalf and you may have more than one list of Palm City homes for sale. Do not hesitate to ask your real estate agent which homes are available for you to consider buying.

Buying a home in Palm City isn’t just a matter of looking for the right home. There are other factors that need to be considered including:

Buying a home in Palm City can be an exciting experience, but you should also take the time to think about all of the factors that go into deciding what type of home to buy. There are many types of properties available for buyers to consider.


Palm City Real Estate Company


There are so many homes for sale in Palm City that it can be difficult to find the perfect one for you. It can be a little overwhelming but there are many things that you can do to make the process easier.

Palm City real estate is becoming increasingly popular due to the growing number of people who are looking to buy a home here. Whether you’re looking for a place to buy, a home to live in, or simply want to see what your neighbors have to offer, Palm City is a great place to visit.

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